Every model in the collection takes inspiration from cities the creator Massimiliano Prato visited, and reveals its style through nuances, details, memories.


While Amsterdam is a little jewel plunged in greenery, it is regarded as the European capital city of temptation. Peace and quiet harmoniously walk hand in hand with entertainment, a glance at the future without ever disregarding its history.


Ancona is a town which welcomed me like few others: the sea scent, the noise of the port and the bustling of the fishermen back to shore after launching their nets, a quietness enclosed exclusively by the skyline. A town throbbing with life and tradition.


When I first arrived in Kazakhstan, the temperature outside the airport was -52°C. I was presented with a snow-shrouded scenery, except a few tiny roads barely revealing their presence amidst the white, cold ocean. A surreal experience I still carry in my heart.


Today’s Berlin is a city where you breathe art, architecture, research and a leading-edge mood. A new city which, even after reconstruction, has stayed true to its intrinsic style, constantly enhanced with content and innovative ideas. A stimulating, forward-looking place.


Argentina is a land of passion: from food to tango, what has always captured me, above all in Buenos Aires, is people’s pride and respect of their traditions and cultural identity, nowhere else to be found in South America. An ever-changing city which never really changes completely.


A city towered by huge mountains, surrounded by the Amazon forest, hosting businessmen and furrowed peasant faces chewing coca leaves. A magical, surreal place I often go to when I fancy seeing part of my family who settled down there years ago.


Dubai epitomizes wonder and amazement on a city scale. Finding yourself in a city dotted with swimming pools and skiing slopes, looking at the horizon and seeing the endless desert which fills your eyes is exciting and staggering at the same time.


Edinburgh is an open-air movie set: the castle towers over the city, every corner is dotted with pubs and picturesque shops; an amazing city revealing its history and culture at every step you take.


I have always associated Florence with an open-air museum throbbing with life. Stylish and distinguished, it has blue blood running through its veins.


The Isla Blanca, the place where day and night follow one another like the marvellous white sandy beaches and the best clubs ever.


Istanbul is one of the most cosmopolitan cities I have ever seen. A flood of people brushes past the buildings at all hours of day and night, hundreds of blue evil eyes scrutinize every single step you take, while the fragrance of spices wafts in the air.


A legendary city, lost in time and history, guarding the thousand-year-old Japanese heritage. Temples plunged in Zen gardens are surrounded by the typical Japanese houses and create an unmistakable chromatic contrast between the decorative patterns of pagodas and Feng Shui minimalism.


I recall Malta and its narrow alleys packed with thrilled people going in and out of street-lining bars and clubs, decorated with symbols dating back to the Crusade times. A sharp contrast that goes unobserved thanks to the beauty you lock eyes with at every corner.


London is the perfect mix between modernity and past, heritage and innovation beautifully blended. For this and many other reasons, London is a piece of me and feels like my second home.


What is the top of mind association with Mauritius, if not the ocean? A refreshing stretch even at a mere glance, its endless space, the impossibility to understand why you should ever go back home


Miami is a feast for the eyes, a melting pot of emotions even before of ethnical groups. Cultures blend together, a shower of influences intertwine and result into new, one-of-a-kind styles.


Milan is the city where I was born and took my early steps, the city where I work, and will always go back to for feeling at home. Milan is my “fil rouge”, Milan is home.


The informal elegance of Montecarlo, guarding its myths and legends, its parties and high-society events. A small world apart with a timeline of its own, where everything turns immediately timeless and epitomizes its inherently unmatchable charm.


Moscow is Baroque. Rich in unique sites and places, it compares to no other city in the world. From the Café Puskin to the Red Square, it is a city where the style you breathe is unparalleled.


When I first saw Mykonos, I felt enthralled: white and sky-blue blend together under the dazzling sunlight, the only empty space available filled with small windows plunged in new colour shades, changing at night and shaping a different world until the break of dawn.


Paris fills my eyes. Every time I go to Paris, I am carried away by its unmatched scent of untold stories, surrounded by the beauty of the city.


Rio de Janeiro is music on a city scale: upbeat rhythms and slow ballads fill the city without a set destination, while arousing people’s unbridled enthusiasm and happiness and showing Brazil’s colours even after nightfall.


San Francisco bay with its colours at sunset, the fog shrouding the Golden Gate and its thousand facets, looks like it had been designed by a Beat Generation writer: an endless sequence of ever-changing images, views and sceneries bewitching anyone.


Toronto is incredible: from its unmistakable skyline to the unexpectedly friendly, kind inhabitants, despite the -20° winter temperature, it is one of the most futuristic, enjoyable cities I have ever visited.